Bicycle Diversion Program

The Bicycle Safety Diversion Program is an option for people who have received a civil traffic citation while riding a bicycle. The Flagstaff Biking Organization has funded the training for several Flagstaff Police Department Officers to become League of American Bicyclists Certified Instructors. Completion of the Bicycle Safety Class will result in dismissal of the violation and associated fines

These classes do not only teach traffic laws as they relate to cycling. The information and strategies taught will empower you as a cyclist with best practices and strategies to protect yourself in traffic. This added confidence will make you a better, safer, rider.

You are not eligible to attend if the violation involved a collision or if you attended the class within the past year of the violation date.

What must I do?

If you would like to attend a Bicycle Safety Class instead of entering a guilty plea and paying the fine, you MUST contact the Flagstaff Municipal Court prior to the court date indicated on your citation. You will then be given an extension of 45 days to contact the class provider and complete the class.

Upon completion of the class on or before your extension date, the Court will be notified and your charge will be dismissed. Further extensions will be not granted. Failure to provide proof of completion will result in a default judgement, additional fines and fees and possible MVD driver's license suspension.

How do I register?

Classes are typically held on Monday evenings from 5:30 PM to 7 PM at the Flagstaff City Hall located at 211 W. Aspen Ave. Call (928) 213-3367 to make an appointment for the class. Please allow at least 3 business days for a response. Any given class date is not guaranteed to occur, but the officers running the program will make every effort to get back to you promptly. 

  • The class is FREE.
  • Bring your citation and a valid photo ID.