STR Property Owners


Effective November 2023, City ordinance requires owners of short-term rentals to obtain a Short Term Rental License. Licenses are valid for one year. License requirements include:

  • Providing an emergency point of contact
  • Attesting to completion of the neighbor notification
    • Owners are required to inform adjacent properties of the operation of the short-term rental and provide neighbors with an emergency point of contact.
  • Providing proof of TPT license
  • Payment of license fee ($175)

Questions on obtaining your license may be referred to

Read the relevant section of City Code here.

Please note:

The Emergency Contact Registration process has been discontinued as of November 6th.

We are rolling out the new license application to currently registered properties in the following schedule:

Monday, November 13th

Monday, November 20th

Monday, November 27th

Monday, December 4th

You will have 30 days to submit your application online from the date your notice is received. The notice will be sent via email to the user registered with the system. 

Once an application is submitted, the City has 7 business days for review.

If you received notification to renew your emergency contact registration, please disregard.

If you have received a notice, please follow the license instructions in the letter. If you have not received a notice yet, but already registered, please wait until Tuesday, December 8th to contact us. If you plan to start renting or never registered your emergency contact information with us, please email with your address and contact information so we may activate your property. 

Tax License

A transaction privilege tax (TPT) license from the Arizona Department of Revenue (ADOR) is required for all properties used for short-term rentals. You can apply for a TPT license here.

  • Short-term rentals must remit sales tax and transient occupancy tax (BBB tax) at the same rates as hotels. 
  • These taxes must be paid regardless of whether or not you charge your guests tax in addition to the money they pay you for rent. 
  • As the property owner, it is your responsibility to collect the money and remit the taxes you collect to the Arizona Department of Revenue or ensure that a third-party vendor does this on your behalf. 
  • Failure to make timely tax payments can result in fines and interest.
  • For more information about sales tax remittance contact ADOR.

Ensure the safety of the structure

The building must be an approved structure. For example, if you wish to convert your garage, workshop or other accessory structure into a short-term rental, you must obtain the required building permits before you begin remodeling and conversion work.

  • We strongly encourage you to install basic safety measures such as fire extinguishers, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, deadbolt locks, etc.
  • Contact the Building Safety counter at 928-213-2627 or go to the Building Safety page for details.


Compliance with city ordinances and regulations is important to protect property owners engaged in short-term rentals, their neighbors, and the safety and quality of Flagstaff’s neighborhoods.

  • If you will be improving your property, some improvements may require a building permit or minor improvement permit.
  • Property owners are responsible for ensuring that renters are complying with all applicable rules and regulations such as noise, nuisances, parking, maximum property allowances, recycling/trash, etc.