STR Neighbors

Call 911 immediately if you have a live threatening emergency or if you know of a threat to public safety.

Neighbors' rights:

  • Unless otherwise prohibited by your Home Owners Association, your neighbors are likely allowed by law to engage in short-term rentals. 
  • The city does not enforce rules and regulations of Home Owners Associations. Please contact your association to inquire about those rules and regulations. 
  • Short term rentals must comply with rules and regulations limiting noise, unsightliness and other nuisances similar to those that apply to other residential properties.

How to register a complaint:

As part of the update of its short-term rental ordinance, the City of Flagstaff has established a 24/7 hotline that people can use to report incidents related to short-term rentals. The city, in partnership with its third party vendor LODGINGRevs, has established a hotline number and incident reporting form.

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Information submitted through the 24/7 online or online incident report form will be forwarded to the short-term rental operator’s emergency contact for a response. City staff will take follow up action as needed. The information will be stored in a central database.

It is critically important for the City to receive information about noise, parking, trash and other issues that are resulting from the proliferation of short-term rentals. This system will allow the collection of quantitative and qualitative data, as opposed to relying on anecdotes and disparate information to resolve conflicts and reliably measure the impacts of this very important issue.