JW Powell Boulevard Specific Plan Public Participation

What's Next?

While alternative routes are being evaluated, the project's public participation remains focused on direct outreach to property owners.  Future Work sessions with Council and Commission are open to the public and will be posted to the City's Agendas and Minutes page.

Consideration of an Alternative Alignment

On October 5, 2021, City Council held a work session to discuss whether to authorize additional design work and analysis of an alternative alignment to the JW Powell Blvd, which has the potential to impact fewer property owners. The requested change order was authorized and staff and project consultants are analyzing these alternatives  and meeting with property owners who are directly impacted by the alternatives.

One-on-One Property Owner Meeting

During February-May 2021, staff provided one-on-one meeting opportunities with property owners throughout the project area. 

Neighborhood Virtual Meeting – Thursday, January 28, 2021, 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

The City of Flagstaff invited property owners in the Souths Fourth Street area to participate in a virtual public meeting for the future extension of JW Powell Boulevard, from Pine Canyon to Butler Avenue. The Project Team held this meeting while very early in the preliminary design process and to seek input of those most effected. The feedback and discussion during the virtual meeting will help shape the development of the future Specific Area Plan for the JW Powell Boulevard Corridor.

This meeting was specifically designed for property owners and area residents, and was held virtually via Microsoft Teams. The meeting will include a presentation of the proposed alignment, discuss the proposed roadway width and configuration, sidewalks, urban trail, and connections to South Fourth Street, East Monroe Street, and Herold Ranch Road. Driveway access and public utilities will also be discussed. You can review the meeting below and download the meeting summary and presentation slides.

City Council Work Session - October 27, 2020

Staff provided a project update to the City Council and asked for endorsement of the work done so far and the public engagement strategies for the next 6-10 months. Get caught up by listening to the City Council presentation from October, 27, 2020. JW Powell Specific Plan is Item 9 on the Agenda.