Heritage Preservation Maps

Cultural Resource Sensitivity Mapping

A variety of heritage and cultural resources, such as Historic Route 66 alignments, logging railroads, and archeological resources are being mapped for use in long-range planning and development review. Such maps have varying degrees of specificity so as not to disclose the locations of protected resources. Find the current sensitivity map.

Historic Districts and Overlays

The City of Flagstaff has three Historic Overlays: Townsite, Downtown and Landmark Overlays.  There are also areas of Flagstaff that are part of National Register Historic Districts.  In addition there are areas of the City that have not yet been evaluated but may be eligible for either of these categories.  These maps will help you identify the known heritage preservation resources in the community.  However, any property over 50 years old may be eligible even if not shown on these maps.

City-wide Heritage Resources

Heritage Preservation Resources zoomed in

Pre-World War II Subdivisions

Residential homes that are post-World War II production housing are exempted from the City's Zoning regulations for Cultural Resources (10-30.30).  All houses in pre-World War II subdivisions may require a heritage preservation review and may require a Heritage Preservation Application. Houses over 50 years old that were constructed after World War II may still be subject to heritage preservation review depending on if the homes was built as a custom project or may have been constructed by an architect of note.