Incentive Policy for Affordable Housing (IPAH)

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About the Incentive Policy for Affordable Housing (IPAH)

The Incentive Policy for Affordable Housing (IPAH) was adopted by City Council in 2009 and encourages the creation of affordable housing units through various incentives. The IPAH document allows for the payment or reduction of fees relating to the development process. Additionally there are regulatory incentives located in the Flagstaff Zoning Code. In the years since its adoption, City staff and other users of these documents have identified discrepancies between the IPAH, incentives in the Zoning Code, and current departmental practices that impact the effectiveness of the policy. Therefore, the IPAH will undergo an update process beginning Spring 2021, with the goal of City Council adoption by Winter 2021/2022. 

The IPAH Update project is co-managed by Jennifer Mikelson, Housing Analyst (928) 213-2744 and Dan Symer, Zoning Code Manager (928) 213-2644. For more information please refer to the Announcements & Public Participation Tab or contact the project managers.

Several properties in town have participated in the incentive policy and offer affordable units for incomes up to 80% AMI. Information about those properties can be found on the Affordable Rentals page.