Incentive Policy for Affordable Housing (IPAH)

About the Incentive Policy for Affordable Housing (IPAH)

The Incentive Policy for Affordable Housing (IPAH) was adopted by the City Council in 2009 and encourages the creation of affordable housing units with two types of incentives. The IPAH document allows for the payment or reduction of fees relating to the development process. Additionally there are regulatory incentives located in the Flagstaff Zoning Code

Several properties in town have participated in the incentive policy and offer affordable units for incomes up to 80% AMI. Information about those properties can be found on the Affordable Renting page under the Additional Affordable Housing tab.

In the years since its adoption, City staff and other users of these documents have identified discrepancies between the IPAH, incentives in the Zoning Code, and current departmental practices that impact the effectiveness of the policy. In late 2020 staff began work to revise and update the IPAH. Over a year of research and stakeholder outreach was conducted. This outreach effort coincided with the development of the 10-Year Housing Plan, and many valuable insights were gained from both processes. Ultimately, recommendations from both projects included Zoning Code modifications to allow for more housing variety, a streamlined entitlement process, and a comprehensive analysis of the City's development codes. Out of that work, a more functional set of affordable housing incentives will be developed. 

City staff have procured a consultant to lead a combined Land Availability & Site Suitability and Code Analysis Project (LASS-CAP). Work on this multi-pronged project began in July 2023. For current project information, refer to the LASS-CAP webpage.