Urban Farm Initiative


In recent years, many U.S. cities have embraced urban agriculture as a means for job creation, community development, environmental stewardship, and improved food access and security. The City of Flagstaff has developed the Flagstaff Urban Farm Land Initiative to establish new urban agriculture ventures on city-owned land.


The goals of the Flagstaff Urban Farm Land Initiative include:

  • Establish high-quality urban agriculture sites that use sustainable farming practices, complement adjacent properties, and utilize sound market strategies.
  • Increase access to healthy affordable food.
  • Improve environmental conditions on and around vacant and/or abandoned land by the removal of litter, improvement of soil, and the recycling and composting of materials.
  • Provide additional benefits to the City of Flagstaff and its residents, including improved aesthetics, stabilized or increased property values, job training , and employment opportunities.

Ruby Earth Gardens

Check out the current steward of our urban farm lot, Ruby Earth Gardens. They are a family owned, woman-led urban farm specializing in arid adapted vegetable growing using minimal tillage.