Climate Change and Hope Bus Artwork

Artwork centering climate change and hope are displayed within the right side ad spaces of five Mountain Line buses! This project is a collaboration between the Beautification and Public Art Commission and the Sustainability Commission, and accomplishes several goals: to spread hopeful climate change messaging, beautify our streetscape, and provide opportunity for artists in our community. Designs by five artists, including two high school students, were selected by community members and can be found circulating throughout Flagstaff over the next year.

We hope these designs inspire people to live more sustainably. Learn how you can take action on climate change in northern Arizona with these tips and resources from the Flagstaff Sustainability Program. You can also review the City's Climate Action and Adaptation Plan as well as the Flagstaff Carbon Neutrality Plan, which was adopted by City Council on June 23, 2021.

Meet the Artists:

Beau Arenas Ortiz - bus designBeau Arenas Ortiz is a recent high school graduate who works in the fields of graphic design and visual arts. He earned a Graphic Design certificate and an Adobe Photoshop certificate at Flagstaff High School. He's passionate about climate change issues and hopes to spark a change with his designs.
Dana Kamberg - bus designDana Kamberg is a local artist best known for her graphic illustration and portraiture work. Her work has been featured in The HeArt Box Gallery in downtown Flagstaff, the Refuse de Salon show in Sedona, and CreateMagazine. Dana was involved in the recent mural for Salsa Brava off Route 66. Looking ahead, she intends to continue her work in community-based projects, and further her personal exploration in utilizing portraiture as a means of representation and advocacy.
Kayley Quick - bus designKayley Quick is a Flagstaff-based artist who uses a variety of mediums to create both physical and digital work. Kayley graduated with a degree in Art Education in 2009 from Northern Arizona University, and currently teaches Graphic Design at Flagstaff High School.
Luke Giles - bus designMy name is Luke Giles, and I am a senior at Flagstaff High School. I have a technical mind, I love graphic design, and I have a big soft side. The things that matter most to me are finding love, loving a job that I will work for (for the rest of my life), and cherishing the things that I already have.
Nate Nise - bus designNate Nise is a photographer and graphic designer from Arizona who gets his inspiration from the natural landscapes of the earth. His goal is to continue exploring landscapes around the world, showcasing one-of-a-kind locations and emphasizing the importance of protecting them.