Mayor's Monarch Pledge

mayors monarch

Threatened with widespread habitat loss, increased use of pesticides, and climate change impacts, monarchs have suffered a population decline upward of 90% in recent decades. As a pollinator, Monarchs are vital to supporting the human food supply and therefore are central to conservation efforts. 

In 2020, Mayor Coral Evans and The City of Flagstaff joined more than 500 mayors across the country to pledge commitment to increasing pollinator habitat and educational opportunities for citizens. Mayor Becky Daggett has now committed to a fourth year of preserving the monarch butterfly and other pollinators through the Mayor's Monarch Pledge. The City of Flagstaff is committed to 15 actions to support this goal. Learn more about our commitments and The National Wildlife Federation's Mayor's Monarch Pledge here.

What are the benefits of creating pollinator habitat?

  • Improves the presence of essential pollinator species.
  • Provides habitat for other animals and insects.
  • Promotes overall ecosystem health.
  • Creates beautiful spaces we can all enjoy!

Previous Projects

Pollinator Greenhouse

A greenhouse at the Thorpe Park Annex was designed and installed by Parks staff in support of the Mayor's Monarch Pledge to assist with the growth of pollinator friendly native plants. 

The greenhouse provides an environment for year-round growing of plants to be transplanted in City parks, outside City buildings, and right-of-way's within Flagstaff. 

pollinator greenhouse