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Don't currently have recycling service for your residence or business? Call (928)-213-2110. Learn more about Solid Waste services here.

What is Recyclable in Flagstaff?

In partnership with Recycle by City, the City of Flagstaff has a comprehensive list of all items that are recyclable and how to properly dispose of items that aren't. Recycling provides great benefits to the community including minimizing the use of natural resources, saving money, creating jobs, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and more. 

Plastic Recycling

In Flagstaff, you can recycle plastic bottles, jugs, and jars. All other plastics need to go in your trash bin. Unfortunately, the numbers you see on plastics, often in a triangle of chasing arrows, do not mean anything when it comes to what goes in your home recycling bin. Those numbers are typically used by the industry to indicate what type of plastic it is, not whether it is part of a local recycling program. Please see our recycling webpage and watch the video below.

Glass Recycling

Glass recycling service is separate from other recyclables in Flagstaff. Residents are able to add a glass recycling pick-up service to their residence or can drop off materials at several drop-off locations around town. 

glass recycling

Electronics & Hazardous Waste Recycling

To properly recycle items such as batteries and cleaning products please take them to the Flagstaff Hazardous Products Center or attend a Drop-off Day event which are held several times a year.

hazardous materials

Recycling Assistance

Commercial & Multi-family 

Planning and implementing an effective recycling program at a business or multifamily complex can be difficult. Whether you are hoping to add recycling service or increase the amount of material that is being recycled, the Sustainability Office can help.

New Development

As of March 22, 2018, property owners, developers, or design professionals submitting a development application will be required to outline their plan handling waste and recyclable on site. The New Development Materials Management Planning Guide (PDF) will assist developers in completing this requirement, as well as implement and design an effective recycling program.

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