B.Y.O (Bring Your Own)

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Do you B.Y.O. (Bring Your Own)? Based on guidance from public health professionals, reusable systems can be used safely during the COVID-19 pandemic through practice of basic hygiene. 

Join the many Flagstaff residents who B.Y.O to assist with the reduction of waste and diversion from the landfill to help reach our ReThink Waste goals. Many businesses in Flagstaff will allow you to use your own bottle, mugs, jars, & other reusable containers when you're on the go. Just ask! Each of our Sustainability staff members will be featured throughout the spring with their favorite items to help inspire you. 

albert window cling mug2 (no period)


kaeli bring your own


BYO campaign

Meet Kaeli and Jake, our Sustainability Specialist and Food Systems VISTA! They both enjoy repurposing plastic food containers found at grocery stores or restaurants. You can easily use the containers to bring lunch to work, send leftovers with a friend or family member, or even request your to-go items in when you're going out to eat. (Just make sure to ask first!)

BYO Items:

  • Repurposed green chili container
  • Repurposed take-out container
  • Plastic Tupperware


Jenny bring your own


Marissa bring your own

Next up, Jenny and Marissa, our Climate Program Manager and Administrative Assistant! Jenny repurposes glass jars for her to-go drinks while Marissa, has a reusable water bottle and and a repurposed plastic container for snacks.


Steve BYO

BYO Items:

  • Repurposed glass salsa and marinara jars
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Repurposed plastic jar


Jenna BYO

Meet Steve and Jenna, our Volunteer and Event Coordinator and Climate Engagement Coordinator! Steve loves his metal to-go cup and collapsible set of bowls to take while in the backcountry or to the office. Jenna's trip to the grocery store isn't complete without her reusable mesh produce bags which can also be used as a snack pouch.

BYO Items:

  • Backpacking bowls
  • Wooden utensils
  • Metal to-go cup
  • Mesh produce bag
  • Reusable plastic pouch