Stormwater Rate Adjustment

Thank You, Flagstaff, For Approving Proposition 441!

Proposition 441 passed with 76% of votes in favor of issuing general obligation (GO) bonds to invest in stormwater flood mitigation, wastewater treatment infrastructure, and wildfire suppression projects. The funds provided by the GO bonds will help get us started on a number of stormwater infrastructure improvement projects, but we still need help crossing the finish line. 

Stormwater Rate Adoption

In addition to GO bonds, the City of Flagstaff adopted amendments to the City Code 12-02-002-003 to increase fees related to stormwater services charges. Customers will see rates per ERU increase from $3.74 to $4.19 effective April 1, 2023. The rate is scheduled to increase by 12% annually until January 2028, ending at $7.38/ERU. Questions can be directed to

What Does the Rate Increase Pay For?

  • Operations and maintenance: Multiple forest fires since 2019 created flooding through the streets of Flagstaff. The City has responded with new infrastructure (basins, culverts, and increased channel capacity) that will require a higher level of service. Read the Flagstaff Open Channel Maintenance Needs Report for details.
  • Capital improvements: Some projects, like the Rio de Flag Flood Control Project, are already currently funded in the capital plan. Other projects, like the GO bond projects in Spruce Wash, have dedicated funding. However, additional needs exist to tie this infrastructure together into a functioning system. Grants will pay a large part, but matching dollars are required to make them happen. The rate increase will cover these needs.

Funding from bonds, grants, stormwater rates, and the City's capital budget combine to help prepare Flagstaff for future flood events through projects like:

An aerial view of the Schultz Creek flood basin, completed in the fall of 2022

✔ Schultz Creek Flood and Sediment Detention Basins

  • Paid in part by Department of Forestry funding.
  • The new stormwater rates will pay for connecting inlets across Highway 180.
Killip Basins with Water

✔ Killip Basins Inlet

  • The rate increase will cover matched funds for a federal infrastructure grant to complete the inlet to the basins.

Cedar to Dortha channel segment re-grading

✔ Cedar to Dortha channel segment re-grading and Dortha Inlet improvements 

  1. Rate Increase Schedule
  2. Adjustment Study
  3. FAQ Page
  4. Outreach Videos
  5. Breakdown of Stormwater Needs
Effective DateRate per ERU
April 1, 2023$4.19
January 1, 2024$4.69
January 1, 2025$5.25
January 1, 2026$5.88
January 1, 2027$6.59
January 1, 2028$7.38