Phoenix Avenue Box Culvert and Waterline Replacement

Project Overview

The project will replace the Rio de Flag box culvert (which runs beneath Phoenix Avenue and the Zani building) with the appropriate conveyance structure and will update a 12” water main in Phoenix Avenue from Mikes Pike to Beaver Street.  Phoenix Avenue will be re-profiled, roadway surface drainage issues will be addressed, edge improvements will be made as needed and the roadway will be repaved. The existing waterline in this area is over 114 years old. This project is part of the City’s ongoing aging water infrastructure replacement program.

Cost: $1,750,000

Location: Phoenix Ave near the intersection with Beaver St.

Project Manager: Mac McNamara

Timeline: Construction Summer/Fall 2021

Contractor: Jud Co. LLC

Periodic Updates

April 2021

Staff is working through as-built, ADEQ review and a few remaining punch list items. The project is tracking for issuance of Final Acceptance mid-April.

• Phoenix Avenue re-opened Monday, February 21st.

• A Certificate of Substantial Completion has been issued. The Contractor and Staff will work through punch list items over the next couple of weeks.

November 2021

  • Both Northside and Southside sidewalks along Phoenix Avenue are anticipated to be open within the first week of December with the goal to move the Zani business back into their building by December 15th.
  • New water and sewer components of the project are anticipated to be complete by November 22nd with paving scheduled on November 24th.
  • Bridge footings, walls and deck are anticipated to be completed by the end of November.
  • Rebar placement for the new bridge began on October 8th with concrete pour on October 11th.
  • Our Geotechnical Engineer made a site visit on October 5th for a visual inspection of the bedrock and has approved it for bearing capacity for the new bridge footings.
  • Demolition of the old bridge structure and excavation to bedrock for the new bridge footings was completed on October 4th
  • UniSource’s existing gas main in Phoenix Avenue was found to be too shallow and in conflict with the new waterline on September 29th. A significant relocation of that main has begun and will take approximately three weeks.

Phoenix Ave. Bridge, rebar placement and waterline installation

Phoenix Ave. Bridge rebar placement and waterline installation

Cross section of Phoenix Ave. showing new 12" DIP waterline and box culvert

Cross section of Phoenix Ave. showing new 12-inch DIP waterline and box culvert