Flagstaff Home Energy Retrofit Program

The Flagstaff Home Energy Retrofit Program (FHERP) will provide home energy retrofits to residents of the City of Flagstaff. 

Retrofits will be provided to low-income and vulnerable residents to make weatherization, electrification, and energy efficiency upgrades to their homes.

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The program will provide approximately 80 home retrofits, serving low-income and vulnerable households in Flagstaff. Climate inequities faced by these groups create persistently higher energy burdens, which this program aims to address.

  • Low income is defined using the HUD low-income limits. They are defined as households with incomes less than 80% of the Flagstaff area medium income (AMI) in the past year.
  • Vulnerable families are defined as those families that face additional risks of housing insecurity and climate change. Examples include having a family member with a disability or health condition, a history of housing insecurity, or children in the household. This is a broad definition that will be refined as the program is developed. 

The program will be available for both owner- and renter-occupied units and will seek to serve all housing types (single-family and multi-family housing).

The program will be managed by City of Flagstaff staff in collaboration with local contractors and other regional partners. Administrative tasks include application intake, verifying requested repairs, procurement, verifying completion, contractor payment, and file documentation. The City will contract with local contractors to make the repairs. Retrofits will be subsidized at a sliding scale based on income, with subsidies covering most or all of the cost of retrofits for most families.

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  1. Funding
  2. Program Elements
  3. Program Model

The City of Flagstaff was awarded Community Project Funding (CPF) for the Flagstaff Home Energy Retrofit Program (FHERP). This funding is administered by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Funding is valid for use in 2023-2029 through the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2022 (Public Law 117-103). 

The Community Project Funding will be used to accelerate retrofits across Flagstaff and determine the best method to rapidly and equitably incentivize home retrofits for low- and middle-income households.