Clearing Sidewalks

Clearing Sidewalks

Property owners and occupants are responsible for keeping the sidewalks adjacent to their property free and clear of any accumulation of snow, ice, or other obstruction; in any event no later than 24 hours after the accumulation. The ordinance also prohibits moving snow or ice onto city streets or alleys. Shoveling snow onto streets after plowing compounds ice buildup. Changes in the Safe Sidewalk Ordinance include owners/occupants being served a Notice of Violation one (1) time per season with unsafe sidewalks being abated at their cost.

Please be considerate of your customers/neighbors...clear off your sidewalk following a snowstorm, deposit of snow or ice from street clearing efforts or other accumulations.

Additional information related to safe sidewalks is available from Community Code Compliance: Safe Sidewalks.

Please Clear Water Meters of Snow & Ice

You can help our water meter readers provide you with an accurate reading of your water consumption by clearing off the snow and ice from your water meter following a snow storm. If our meter readers are unable to access a residential or business meter an estimate will be used for billing purposes.