City of Flagstaff E-Bike and Scooter Program

The City of Flagstaff offers an assortment of micro-mobility options for City employees to use at their convenience during the workday. Electric fleet bikes and scooters offer users an alternative option to using traditional fleet vehicles or even personal vehicles for short to middle-distance trips around Flagstaff.

Before using any CoF E-Bike or Scooter, please review the safety information below!
  1. E-Bike Safety Training
  2. Terms of Use Agreement

Welcome to the City of Flagstaff E-Bike Safety Training!

This training will guide you through the basic information needed to operate a City of Flagstaff Fleet E-Bike or Scooter. Completion of this training is necessary to operate all CoF electric micro-mobility options. You must complete the training in its entirety. Allow yourself 20 minutes to navigate the training fully. 

Each section covers a unique and specific topic. After watching the featured video in each section, please take time to answer the associated questions. If you are unsure about any of your answers, it is encouraged that you revisit the video and review the information again. Repeat this process until you are completely comfortable with the covered content. A score of 15 out of 20 points (75%) is required for a passing grade. 

After successful completion of the Safety Training, you will be able to reserve and operate the E-Bike and Scooter Fleet. 

Access the City of Flagstaff E-Bike Safety Training: Here!