House of Jacks Mentoring Program

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To guide Apprentice members through the process of becoming a firefighter. We will mentor Apprentices through our Mission, Vision, and Values of the FFD. Uniformed and Retired Members (Mentors) will also pass on rich traditions of the Fire Service and lead Apprentice members in to becoming the best version of themselves. We will do hard stuff.

We will complete this mission through physical & mental training, tradition, culture & community service.

  • We recommend scheduling a Ride-A-Long to learn what a typical day in the life of a Firefighter is. 
  • Check out the House of Jacks Facebook page. This page shows previous events the House of Jacks have put on, and upcoming events.

Meet the House of Jacks Mentors

Below you will find bios for the current Mentors. After reading through them, feel free to reach out to any of these mentors via e-mail with questions about the program or to sign up! 


Name: Bre Dudzinski


Date of hire: 2022

Current Assignment: Firefighter

About: My name is Bre, and I was born and raised in Phoenix. Being a part of the Flagstaff Fire Department is the best choice that I have made, my coworkers (aka my 2nd family), the scenery, and the community are amazing. Pursuing a career as a firefighter takes hard work and dedication, but it's very rewarding and the best job ever. I could not imagine doing anything else! Please contact me with any further questions.


Name: David Ortiz 


Date of hire: 2021

Current Assignment: Firefighter/ C Shift

About: I love being with my wife and sons. Two of my favorite things about this career is bettering myself as a firefighter every day and helping others discover themselves in pursuit of a career in the fire service.  


Name: Will Giannola 


Date of Hire: 2017

Current assignment: Engineer/ Acting Captain

About: My name is Will Giannola. I’m an Engineer with the Flagstaff Fire Department! As a recruiter, one of my responsibilities is to cultivate the best in our future fire fighters. If you’re interested in becoming part of the FFD please reach out!


Name: Jacob Earl


Date of hire: 2018

Current assignment: Firefighter/ C-shift

About: I enjoy family, fitness, music, and the ocean.


Name: Nicholas Ondrejech


Date of Hire: 2017

Current assignment: Engineer/paramedic. Arson Investigator

About: I was born and raised in Flagstaff, Arizona. I went to Flagstaff High School, then studied Fire Science at Coconino Community College and Public Health at Northern Arizona University in pursuit of a career with the Flagstaff Fire Department. I currently live in Flagstaff and enjoy hunting, fishing, snowboarding, riding dirtbikes. Working for the Flagstaff Fire Department has been a rewarding career and I look forward to the challenges that are to come.


Name: Matt Smyers


Date of Hire: 2005

Current assignment: Captain Paramedic

About: My name is Matt Smyers I’m currently an acting BC, training captain, paramedic and fire investigator. I have a wife and two kids who are my everything.   This is the best job in the world and come in 2nd to family.  I’m currently assigned to E1 C-shift where we work hard, have fun and set the highest standard of customer service.