Assessing & Growing a Community Food System: USDA Grant Project

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Now through December 18th, 2023, the Sustainability Office and Flagstaff Foodlink are conducting a survey to help better understand community members' experiences surrounding food. Help to inform the future of Flagstaff's food system today!

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The Flagstaff Sustainability Office was recently awarded a USDA Urban Agriculture and Innovative Production grant for approximately $184,000. The 3-year project "Assessing & Growing a Sustainable Community Food System" will support:

  • The development of a northern Arizona-specific comprehensive food systems assessment or CFSA, which is a data collection tool for improving a community's understanding of gaps and opportunities related to food access and distribution. 
  • A community-wide engagement process focused on the findings of the study to inform goals and areas of improvement moving forward.
  • An innovative food business feasibility study, which assesses the practicality of a proposed local business to support urban agriculture and food systems.
  • The creation of a Food Action Plan, which will guide the City in improving the local food system through recommended policy & programming.

This project is a collaborative effort among community partners, including New Venture Advisors, Flagstaff Foodlink, Pinnacle Prevention, and other food systems stakeholders throughout northern Arizona.

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