Homesharing Resources

Homesharing Webpage CoverAccording to the US CHomesharing Quote - dataensus Bureau, 3,920 homes in Flagstaff have at least one vacant bedroom, with the majority of those homes (3,508) having two or more vacant bedrooms (American Community Survey, ACS 1-Year Estimates Detailed Tables). With the declared Housing Emergency in place, and because of the task initiated by strategy Protect 3.4 of the 10-Year Housing Plan, City staff researched homesharing as an option to maximize existing housing stock and benefit those already in the Flagstaff community.

Homesharing is a rental agreement between a homeowner with extra living space and one or more individuals who need housing. This housing model efficiently uses housing stock by creating more affordable rental options in a challenging housing market (HUD). Homesharing benefits a homeowner by allowing them to earn extra income, and depending on the agreement, assistance with daily chores such as cleaning, mowing the lawn, raking leaves, shoveling snow, etc. Homesharing also benefits home seekers because they can live in a home they can afford in an established neighborhood closer to amenities like transportation, shopping centers, etc.

AHomeshare Webpage - Vacant Room homeshare program or platform helps match homeowners with home seekers based on the desired criteria outlined by each party. While Flagstaff does not have a homesharing program in place, there are homesharing platforms available to those interested in such an arrangement. Additionally, several other homesharing/roommate-finding platforms have been listed as an alternate option to standard housing models.

Disclaimer: The City of Flagstaff is not affiliated with any of the services provided by the entities listed below and cannot guarantee the safety or reliability of any of the services. This webpage is solely for informational purposes.  If you are aware of a service available in the City of Flagstaff that should be added to this list, please contact Adriana Fisher, Housing Program Manager, at

Homesharing platforms that match homeowners with home seekers:

Platforms to post and find a room to rent (no matching services):

Platforms to post and find rentals for traveling professionals:

Rental housing platforms for NAU students:

If you or someone you know needs Fair Housing or Landlord and Tenant Act resources, visit the City's Fair Housing webpage.