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Welcome to the Building Safety Program 

211 West Aspen Avenue   Phone: 928-213-2627   Service Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm

COVID-19 Pandemic Building Safety Protocol

The COVID-19 situation is continuing to affect us all. Until the end of the threat, Building Safety & Code Compliance is implementing a temporary change in business procedures. Until further notice, we are taking the following steps to make sure that our customers and our staff minimize the potential for exposure.

We encourage all customers to please take advantage of our on-line services as much as possible, including digital submittals, requests for information, and access to our web services.

Meetings, when requested, will be held via telephone or electronically (Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype, etc.)

Building Safety & Code Compliance staff will be utilizing flexible schedules, alternative work hours, and other means that may reduce their availability.

We will do our best to maintain the high level of service that you typically receive.

As always, YOU are the reason we are here, and we want your experience to be exceptional. During these extraordinary times we appreciate your patience and understanding.

The City continues to serve the public throughout situations like the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and is closely tracking the situation to ensure that City staff and the public are protected.

Electronic Permitting

Effective 3/18/2020, as a result of the City Hall closure in response to the COVID-19 Virus, all new residential and commercial building permit applications and construction documents (drawings and supplemental information) for plan review are to be submitted electronically. Resubmittals, revisions to approved plans, and deferred submittals are to be submitted electronically. 

Approved construction documents will be issued electronically. For projects that have paper copies of approved plans that are ready to issue, you will be contacted by staff to schedule an appointment for pick-up.

Read the Electronic Permitting process HERE.

Building Inspection Protocol

Below is an update on how Building Inspection services will be handled until further notice.

Beginning Monday, April 6th, we will begin offering to perform inspections of eligible, occupied residential & commercial facilities, together with our customers, using live video connections (such as FaceTime/ Skype/Teams). We are hopeful that this option serves the needs of all our customers, given the prevalence of video-capable mobile devices. Our inspectors will reach out to affected customers on Monday to begin scheduling these inspections and assess customers’ willingness to use this option. We will do our best to accommodate their needs. Eligible inspections are defined below.

In Person Inspections

Unoccupied New Construction

Inspections will proceed as requested by contractors. Inspectors will provide 10 minutes advance notice of arrival to the site so areas to be inspected may be cleared of workers.  Only one site manager may accompany the inspector for the inspection, if desired. All individuals on site must remain a minimum of ten feet from the inspector at all times. Failure to clear inspection areas or maintain adequate distance from the inspector will result in a failed inspection and the inspector leaving the site immediately.

Occupied Properties

Inspection requests for occupied properties will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Where appropriate, inspections will be scheduled and completed, priority will be given to projects that impact the immediate usability of currently occupied spaces. Inspectors will provide 10 minutes advance notice of arrival to the property so the area needing inspection can be cleared. One individual may accompany the inspector for the inspection, if desired.  All individuals on site must remain a minimum of ten feet from the inspector at all times. Children, individuals not accompanying the inspector, and pets shall remain in a fully separated space away from the inspector for the duration of the inspection. Failure to clear the inspection areas or maintain adequate distance from the inspector will result in a failed inspection and the inspector leaving the site immediately.

Video Inspection Program

During the COVID-19 situation, the purpose of the City of Flagstaff Video Inspection Program is to provide an alternative for eligible inspections, including limited re-inspections. Most building-related inspections (building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing & energy) may be considered for virtual inspections at the discretion of the building inspector. For inspections deemed too complex for virtual completion, the in-person inspection protocol will be applied.

Examples of Eligible Projects:

  • Patio Covers/Decks
  • Water Heaters
  • Gas Line Extension for BBQ and Fire Pits excluding service lines
  • Furnace & Air Conditioning installations
  • Main Line Water Repairs
  • Demolitions
  • Window Replacements
  • Re-inspections
  • Re-reroofs
  • Spa Circuit

Required Equipment:

  • Internet connection
  • Flashlight
  • Level
  • Tape measure or any other tool to facilitate the inspection.
  • Must have smart phone, iPad or laptop with webcam connected to WiFi or 4G wireless service.

Video Inspection Procedures:

  • Applicant, or requestor, has an active valid permit for the work.
  • The type of inspection is verified by the inspector as acceptable to be performed as a video inspection. If inspector determines type of request does not qualify for video inspection, the in-person inspection protocol will apply.
  • Requestor has smartphone or tablet and has Skype, Duo, FaceTime, Zoom or Microsoft Teams or another app or web-based site approved by Building Safety.
  • Requestor calls and requests an appointment for a video inspection with area inspector, providing the address, permit number, type of inspection requested, and email and phone contact of the requestor.
  • Inspector calls or emails requestor at agreed upon scheduled date and time.
  • Inspector and requestor join meeting on their devices and enable their video.
  • Video inspections will begin by first showing the inspector the front of the house including house numbers. Requestor will then be instructed where to point the camera for remainder of inspection.
  • Inspector sends a copy of correction notice within 30 minutes.
  • Inspector updates Building Safety inspection records within same day as inspection.

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Adopted Building Codes and Amendments

2018 Suite of Codes

2019 Adopted Building Codes

2019 Amendments to the Adopted Codes

2019 Building Design Criteria

Click HERE to view the model codes on the International Code Council website

Permit Center

Effective March 18, 2020 all permitting is handled electronically.

Read the Electronic Permitting Process HERE.

Building Official: Amy Palmer, 928-213-2604,

Building Permit Technician: Eilise Fisher, 928-213-2627,

Plan Review:                                                                             

View the Plan Reviewer of the Day Schedule

Douglas Joseph, 928-213-2636,

Elias Slover, 928-213-2646,

Victoria St. Clair, 928-213-2626,

Records Request:

To request copies of Building Permits for a property, visit the Public Records page.

To request copies of current building permits, certificate of occupancy, zoning or planning questions, or to inquire if a property has applied for a permit, contact Tammy Bishop, Administrative Specialist, 928-213-2611,

Building Inspection Manager: Rick Stanionis, 928-213-2628,                              

Inspection Request Line:
Dial 928-779-7631 and follow the prompts. Monday - Friday until 3:00pm to schedule inspections for the following day. Inspections called in by 3:00pm on Friday will be scheduled for the following Monday. Only emergency inspections are performed on observed Holidays.

Building Inspection:                                                    

Nicholas Blain, 928-213-2624, 

Dave Clark, 928-213-2629,

John Cleere, 928-213-2621, 

Ronny Corey, 928-213-2622,

Lloyd Drinkard, 928-213-2625,

Richard Fritz, 928-213-2623,

Mark Perkins, 928-213-2627,