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Welcome! My name is Stacy Saltzburg. It’s my privilege to serve as Flagstaff City Clerk. Our office is located at City Hall, 211 W. Aspen, Flagstaff, Arizona, and we’re open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.
The Flagstaff City Clerk’s Office is staffed by two additional full-time employees: Larysa Feyti (City Records Coordinator) and Stacy Fobar (Deputy City Clerk). You can contact us for general information. We’ll help in any way that we can with your needs. We’re here to provide guidance and information on government processes and decisions.

Stacy Saltzburg, M.M.C.
City Clerk
(928) 213-2076

Public Records
Meetings – Agendas/Minutes
City Code
City Charter
Citizen Petitions
Stacy Fobar
Deputy City Clerk
(928) 213-2077

Liquor Licenses
Domestic Partnership Registry
Boards and Commissions
Off-Track Betting
Larysa Feyti
City Records Coordinator
(928) 213-2066

Records Management
Public Records Requests

The position of municipal clerk is specifically called out by the Arizona Revised Statutes and the City Charter. The statutes and charter entrust municipal clerks with a multitude of activities.

As Secretary to the City Council, the office
- Prepares and posts meeting agendas and notices for the City Council
- Provides guidance on the conduct of public meetings
- Attends the meetings of the City Council and prepares minutes
- Keeps an official record of the proceedings of every meeting and keeps custody of original minutes, ordinances and resolutions
- Certifies official records of the City
- Processes, records, files, and, when necessary, advertises ordinances, resolutions, or other documents
- Maintains conflict of interest files, citizen petitions, legal opinions, and other similar records the City
- Administers oaths of office
- Processes Citizen Petition 

As Secretary to the Municipal Corporation, the Clerk is
- Custodian of the municipal seal
- Custodian of permanent records
and also
- Attests signatures of municipal officers and elected officials
- Accepts service of legal documents and maintains receipt of same
- Maintains receipts of service of legal documents

 As the Elections Official for the City, the Clerk
- Ensures the democratic process is fair and legal and protects the rights of voters
- Prepares and receives candidate nominating packets
- Prepares and receives referendum, initiative, and recall petition packets
- Receives candidate and political committee campaign finance reports
- Prepares and furnishes election publicity and advertisements
- Receives pro and con arguments
- Prepares publicity pamphlet
- Receives formal complaints re election process
- Certifies election results
- Prepares the ballot and information pamphlets
- Provides assistance to candidates and voters
- Assures legal compliance with election laws
- Files necessary notices and reports 

As the Records Management arm of City Government, the Clerk
- Manages the records center/local archives
- Oversees retention schedules
- Trains staff in appropriate records management techniques
- Preserves and restores old record books
- Establishes records management policies 

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The City Clerk’s Office prepares the agendas for City Council meetings. Agendas are typically available the Thursday prior to a meeting. Full Council meeting agenda packets are posted to our website at this location. This means that you can view the supporting documentation behind an item that is presented to the City Council for consideration. To sign up to receive notification and links to agendas as they are posted to the website, click here. Paper copies of full agenda packets can be viewed in the main lobby of City Hall. Agendas (without supporting documentation) are available in the City Clerk’s Office during office hours. Any member of the Clerk’s Office can assist you with this.

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Boards and Commissions

Information for boards and commissions is available on these webpages. The City Clerk’s Office collects applications from citizens who wish to serve on boards and commissions. We provide support on appropriate meeting protocol and formal training to board and commission members as well as the staff liaisons and technical staff who support boards and commissions. We also work with members of our boards and commissions answering general and technical questions and providing guidance on Arizona’s Open Meeting Law and Conflict of Interest Law. Contact  Stacy Fobar for more information.

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Campaign Finance Forms

During an active election cycle, candidates and political committees are required to routinely file campaign finance report forms. According to state law, their completed reports must be posted on-line. During the next active election cycle, you will be able to find these reports on line by clicking here. Blank campaign finance forms are also available on this page. Your contact is for more information.

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City Charter

The City Charter is the City of Flagstaff’s founding document. First passed approved by the voters in 1958, the Charter has been amended six times. The Charter provides for a Council-Manager form of government and establishes how the City does its business. To view a fully linked copy of the Flagstaff City Charter, simply click here. If you’d like to find out more information about the Charter, contact the City Clerk.

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City Code

City Code is the body of local laws that governs Flagstaff. It is maintained by the City Clerk’s Office. Only the City Council can amend, delete, or add sections of Code. When changes are made to City Code, they must be made by ordinance. If the changes are substantial, the changes are usually assembled in one large document and declared to be a public record by resolution. When this happens, three copies of the proposed amendments are kept on file in the City Clerk’s office and are available during business hours for viewing by the public. Unless declared by emergency, code amendments become effective thirty days after adoption. City Code in its entirety is available online and you can access it here. Contact the City Clerk if you would like to know more.

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Domestic Partnership Registry

The City of Flagstaff has established a Domestic Partnership registry. Domestic partners may apply for placement on this registry for a nominal fee. Domestic partners are issue a Certificate of Domestic Partnership and an identification card. When the card is presented to any city facility, the partner receives the same benefits that married couples do. The registry has a reciprocity provision that recognizes members other communities’ domestic partnership registries

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The City’s Clerk’s Office is responsible for the City’s elections. During active election cycles, elections pages are posted on this website, with complete information as it becomes available. This is a link to the elections webpage. It will keep you up to date as the page is updated through the year and the election cycle. If you’d like to know more, get in touch with Stacy Saltzburg.

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Initiative, Referendum and Recall

Initiative actions are typically a proactive activity. In other words, citizens initiate the legislative act rather the governmental body and citizens then vote on whether or not they want the new law.
Referendum actions are typically a reactive activity. They are undertaken in response to a governmental action and they refer that governmental action to the voters for their consideration.
A recall action is an action that is taken against a member of the governing body. The member of the governing body must be in office at least six months before a recall action can be taken out.
Initiative, referendum, and recall are provided for under Title 19 of the Arizona Revised Statutes. The Clerk’s Office prepares packets containing the law and the forms needed in order to file for an initiative, referendum, or recall action. It is important that you make an appointment with the City Clerk so she can go over the forms with you and provide you with important information on the timelines that are required by state law.

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Liquor Licenses

The City’s processing fee of $815 is due at the time of receipt of the a liquor license. The City Clerk’s Office works in conjunction with the State Department of Liquor Licenses and Control on permanent liquor licenses for establishments selling liquor. While the City of Flagstaff has no direct control over whether or not a liquor license is issued by the State, the City Council does issue a recommendation on every license. The City Clerk’s Office assists the state in posting liquor license notices and applications on the premises where a liquor license will be used. These notices must be posted for 20 days before the City Council can issue a recommendation to the State. Once an application is sent to the City from the Department of Liquor Licenses and Control, it takes approximately 45 days for the City Council to issue a recommendation. Stacy Fobar is your contact person.

If you are interested in obtaining a special event liquor license, this is a link to the application on the State's website.

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Meeting Schedule for the City Council

The City Council meets once a week on every Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. The first and third Tuesdays of the month are devoted to formal Council meetings where official action is taken. The second, fourth, and fifth (if any) Tuesdays of the month are devoted to agenda review for the following week’s Council meeting and to make informational presentations to the City Council. To view agendas for upcoming meetings and previous meetings, just go to the City’s archive center on this website. Any member of the Clerk’s Office can help you with additional information.

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Off-Track Betting and Bingo Licenses

Off-track betting license applications and bingo license applications are available in the Clerk’s Office. The fee for an initial application for off-track betting is $480. Thereafter, the renewal fee is $380. Licenses are good for one year and either must be renewed or are discontinued. The City Clerk processes all off-track betting and bingo licenses. For more information.

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Public Records Requests

The City Clerk’s Office is responsible for handling formal public records requests. While the Freedom of Information Act does not apply to non-federal public agencies like the City of Flagstaff, the Arizona Public Records Law does. A.R.S. § 39-121.03 states that any person may request to examine or be furnished copies and that the custodian of such records shall promptly furnish such copies. As such, requests for records are treated with priority. Requests for public records must be submitted in writing or via e-mail and contain your contact information. In most cases, payment in advance is required before copies will be made. You can get in touch the City’s Record Coordinator, Larysa Feyti to learn how you can obtain the records you need.