Emergency Services

Emergency Services Response Team

The Emergency Services Response Team is divided into three units:

  • Tactical Operations Team (TOT)
  • Negotiations
  • Explosives Disposal

Tactical Operations Team

The Tactical Operations Team, a member of the National Tactical Officers Association, consists of two squads and a fire department medic. The Tactical Operations Team responds to hostage and barricaded person's incidents and assists the Metro Unit, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) with high risk warrant service. The team is also responsible for training Flagstaff Police Department and outside agency personnel.

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Special Weapons and Tactics

Hostage Negotiations Team

The Hostage Negotiations Team currently consists of five members. The members of the Hostage Negotiations Team are on call and available to diffuse volatile situations through verbal communication with suspects. Officers assigned to this team are trained to work closely with the Tactical Operations Team and with the Coconino County Sheriff's Negotiations Team.

Explosives Disposal Team

The Explosives Disposal Team is responsible for the identification, isolation, transportation and rendering safe of any suspected explosive. This responsibility extends to the proper handling of abandoned explosives and chemicals that have no use or have outlived their life expectancy. The Explosives Disposal Team also assists local agencies with explosives related problems and the Tactical Operations and Hostage Negotiations teams with barricaded suspects. In 2005, the Explosives Disposal Team received a new Remote Andros F6A bomb response robot. The $153,928 in funding for the robot was obtained with Homeland Security grant funds. The robot is used for explosive device mitigation and remediation.

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