Alarm Unit

Alarm Unit & Alarm Systems

Alarm systems are designed to protect lives and property if they are installed, used, and maintained properly. When alarm systems are not maintained properly, the number of unnecessary police dispatches increases. The Flagstaff Police Department responds to approximately 2,000 false alarms each year.

  • When we work together to reduce the number of false alarms we:
    • Save thousands of taxpayer's dollars
    • Allow police officers to respond more quickly to actual emergency situations

Permit & Charges

The Alarm Coordinator enforces the City of Flagstaff Alarm Ordinance, which requires an Alarm User Permit for any active alarm system and charges for any permit holder with more than three false alarms per year and/or refusal to respond to the alarm location to assist the officer in securing the scene.

Select the following link to Apply for an Alarm Permit.  Please be sure to read through the various options on how to successfully apply.  

Flagstaff Police Department Patch

You Can Help By

  • Contacting your alarm company to learn how to cancel a false alarm
  • Reviewing the Flagstaff Alarm Ordinance to find out your responsibilities as an alarm user
  • Calling the Flagstaff Police Alarm Coordinator at 928-214-2530 with questions
  • Understanding how your system works to reduce the number of police officer responses to faulty systems or human error

The Arizona Alarm Association is a non-profit organization which represents burglar alarm companies in the state.