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New Hires / Promotions / Transfers / Reassignments

Congratulations to these Team Flagstaff employees!

March 2021

  • Turell Bagley - Maintenance Worker - Facilities
  • Lisa Renee Keita - HR Analyst
  • Charles Hernandez - Police Lieutenant
  • Ryan Darr - Police Lieutenant
  • Carlos Leyva - Police Sergeant 
  • Amy Ford - Police Aide
  • Dalton Lasley - Police Aide
  • Nicholas Singer - Police Aide
  • Derek Sausman - Firefighter
  • David Ortiz - Firefighter
  • Rilee Rhees - Firefighter

Service Awards

Please congratulate these Team Flagstaff employees for their extended service to our community!

February and March Anniversaries
Shane D'Lon Dille5 YEAR
Shawn James Mckee5 YEAR
Leonard Villas5 YEAR
John R Miller20 Year
John N Saltonstall20 YEAR
Aaron C Wells20 YEAR
Glorice Mary Pavy Thousand15 YEAR
Andrew L Bertelsen5 YEAR
Kimberly Ann Gifford5 YEAR
Christina Claire Rubalcava5 YEAR
Amy Hanson Starns5 YEAR
Tammy K Bishop20 YEAR
Gerald P Bills15 YEAR
William P Condon15 Year
Kristopher D Walsh15 Year


In response to COVID-19, the following changes have been made to your plan: Benefit Plan Changes .

View an information sheet (PDF) about making Qualifying Life Event Changes to your benefits and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) deadlines during the COVID pandemic.

The Run Out Date deadline for the use of funds in your FSA account has been extended to December 31st due to COVID-19.  All claims must be postmarked by this date.

Remember, Telehealth is a useful option available to City employees Telehealth Member Flyer.


Make sure you don't miss all the great information in this month's NAPEBT wellness newsletter or this new list of NAPEBT wellness resources (PDF) including one-on-one coaching options, fitness, and other resources! For even more information, visit the The NAPEBT Wellness website which has been updated and has a new look. Watch a video tutorial on how to navigate the site and enter your points.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Download the Jorgensen Brooks EAP / Assist app for easy access to many resources for parenting, addiction, mental health, financial well-being and much more! JGB App Flyer

Tips for signing up: 

  • Phone number format: xxx-xx-xxxx
  • Employer Number: City of Flagstaff
  • Password: JGB

Access this month's online seminar, enter the code "COF", and scroll down to Online Seminar.


To fill a vacancy, complete the Requisition in NEOGOV.  Contact a member of the Recruitment Team for assistance.  View directions for completing the Requisition (PDF).

Performance Management

Evaluations are now being completed through NEOGOV Perform.  

Class & Comp

On behalf of the Budget Team we are pleased to advise everyone that on February 16, 2021 the City Council approved a resolution to back one stage out of our recession plan, from the Significant Stage to the Moderate Stage.  Among the many things this means, effective February 21, 2021 the City will implement the budgeted 2% Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) for all eligible City personnel hired prior to 2/21/21 (except those under a specific contract that stipulates a specific compensation program). Eligible employees including Temps will see the 2% as an increase to their hourly wage.


This approval also releases the Fiscal Year 2021 budgeted and approved Rezones and Skill Block advances to be implemented.  These Rezones and Skill Blocks will also be effective on 2/21/21 for everyone that has already met the rezone or skill block requirements, and paperwork has been completed and submitted to Human Resources.  For those employees that have not met the requirements prior to 2/21/21, increases will be processed once those requirements have been met and the completed paperwork is submitted to Human Resources for processing and approval (requirements must be achieved prior to June 30, 2021).


Thank you to all for your work, and for supporting the recession plan strategy that has facilitated our ability to implement these compensation increases at this time.

Further Information

Please email Jessica Foos if you have any questions.