Human Resources & Risk Management

Welcome to the Human Resources & Risk Management page!

Meet the Team

HR Administration

Randy Tracy, HR/Risk Management Director

Jennifer Caputo, Interim HR Deputy Director

Jennifer Moore - Senior Administrative Specialist

Recruitment and Benefits

Cindy Perger, HR Analyst - Benefits and Leaves

Meriah Franklin, HR Generalist - Benefits and Leaves

Anika Hudlow - HR Analyst, Recruitment

Kim Bottorff - HR Recruiter

Training, Compliance, and Employee Relations

Alan Keay, HR Manager

Lisa Keita - HR Analyst - Training and Compliance

Meriah Franklin, HR Generalist - Training and Compliance

Classification and Compensation

Justin Oblinger, HR Manager

Sara Stachura, HR Generalist - Classification and Compensation

Risk Management

Maria Robinson, Risk Management Director

Karen Capps, Risk Management Specialist

We are an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.