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NAPEBT Wellness Incentive Program Website (TEMPORARILY OFFLINE)

Wellness Incentive Program Summary and FAQs

Wellness Program Resources Sheet

Make sure you don't miss out on the resources available to you through NAPEBT Wellness!

Employees can earn discounts on their benefit premiums each month and a $120 cash wellness incentive at the end of the program year by participating in the NAPEBT Wellness Incentive Program. The deadline to earn the health plan discount and health incentive is May 15th!

Participation in the wellness program is voluntary and there is no penalty for not participating.

If the employee has waived medical coverage with the City, they may participate in the wellness activities but they will not earn the incentives.

You can earn your incentives by visiting the NAPEBT website and completing activities.  Many activities are available, you can choose wish ones you would like to complete. 

If you need assistance with logging in to the NAPEBT Wellness site, click on the blue Support button on the bottom left of the page or email

Congratulations to our 2023-2024 Wellness Leader and Champion!

Katie Brandis - Wellness Leader

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Eric Tomperi - Wellness Warrior 

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Vera Whole Health Clinic

The Vera Whole Health Clinic is an independent primary care health clinic available to NAPEBT employees, spouses and dependents age 3+ covered under City plans.  Appointments are required.
 Those covered under the Base and Buy up medical plans may visit the clinic for free.  Those
 with the High Deductible Health Plan will pay a $75 initial fee (new patient) and $50 for subsequent visits for primary and acute care, preventative care visits are free.  If you do not visit Vera for 3 years, they will consider you a new patient and the new patient fee will apply again.  if you are unsure of your visit cost, ask when making your appointment!

Your Vera provider orders lab work for you that is completed in house at Vera, there is no charge for the lab draw? There is no charge to the patient and it is not billed through insurance, Vera covers the cost!