Civil Section

General Overview

  • City Attorney: Sterling T. Solomon
  • Deputy City Attorney: Kevin R. Fincel
  • Senior Assistant City Attorneys: Anja K. Wendel, Marianne E. Sullivan, Christina C. Rubalcava, Christina A. Kinnear 

The City Attorney, Deputy City Attorney, and Senior Assistant City Attorneys who handle civil matters are responsible for providing legal advice to the City Council, the City Manager, and City departments.

 They do not represent citizens in legal proceedings.

Legal Aid

If you feel that you need legal representation in a civil matter or require legal advice, and you cannot afford to retain an attorney, please contact DNA-People's Legal Services (Legal Aid) at 928-774-0653, or visit their offices at:
DNA-People's Legal Services
2323 Greenlaw Lane, Suite 1
Flagstaff, AZ 86004

City of Flagstaff Resources

Disclaimer: The information in this Website is for general purposes only and should not be construed as specific legal advice by the City Attorney's Office or its attorneys. If you have specific legal questions, please consult with your own lawyer. Sending us an email will not make you a client of this office or establish an attorney-client relationship. Anything you send us will not be confidential or privileged.