Flagstaff's City Attorney's Office

NOTE:  THE CITY PROSECUTOR'S OFFICE HAS MOVED to the Flagstaff Municipal Court Building located at 101 W. Cherry Avenue, 2nd Floor, Flagstaff, AZ 86001.

City Prosecutor:

  • John L. Rodabaugh - City Prosecutor

Assistant City Attorneys/Prosecutors:

  • Robert W. Brown
  • Ron Kanwischer
  • Serena Serassio
  • Paul Ferguson

Criminal Court

  • Prosecutors in the City Attorney's Office review and prosecute individuals charged with committing misdemeanors within the City of Flagstaff.
  • Felonies are prosecuted by the Coconino County Attorney's Office.
  • The State of Arizona does not have a District Attorney system.
  • If you are calling regarding a criminal matter, give the defendant's name, case number, and pre-trial date.


  • Orders of Protection and Injunctions Against Harassment:
    • These may be obtained at Flagstaff City Court (101 W. Cherry Avenue, Flagstaff, AZ 86001).
    • An Order of Protection is for domestic violence situations; that is, the person seeking the Order (the Petitioner), has a relationship with the person the Petitioner wants to be protected from (the Respondent), as defined by statute.
  • Substance Abuse Screening/Treatment:
    • The substance abuse screening provides individuals with referrals to substance abuse education and/or treatment, as ordered by the Court.
    • The screening and evaluation process includes taking a driver risk inventory test or substance abuse questionnaire, and an evaluation/referral interview with a substance abuse screener.
    • The Court will tell you the agency you need to contact.

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