Regulations & Disposal


In 1996, the Lead Based Paint (LBD) Disclosure Regulation was enacted. It requires owners of pre-1978 "target housing" to disclose to potential buyers or renters all known information about the presence of LBP and/or LBP hazards on the property.

It also requires that the potential buyer or tenant be given the lead information pamphlet, "Protect Your Family from Lead in Your Home," or other Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-approved pamphlet as well as a specific disclosure statement.

Other regulations can be found at the EPA's Lead Program including:

  • Certification requirements for firms conducting lead paint removal
  • Disclosure rules
  • Disposal requirements
  • Identification of dangerous levels of lead

Disposal Procedure

The City of Flagstaff Cinder Lake Landfill will accept LBP chips/debris from residential households (not commercial buildings) according to this procedure:

  1. The homeowner / contractor hired by homeowner must completely fill out an Exceptional Waste Acceptance Application (PDF). Illegible or incomplete applications will not be accepted.
  2. The owner / contractor must submit the application to Environmental Services Staff via fax at 928-527-9843, mail, or personal delivery to Cinder Lake Landfill.
  3. Review of the application typically takes 2 to 4 business days.
  4. Once approved, you must take the Exceptional Waste Acceptance Application with the waste to the landfill.
  5. You must inform the landfill staff that you have LBP chips/debris and staff will direct you to the area of the landfill to dispose of the waste.