Waste Diversion Programs


The Cinder Lake Landfill has many diversion programs which help divert or reuse certain materials from being thrown into the trash. With these programs, valuable airspace is saved and helps extend the life of the Cinder Lake Landfill.

Materials include:

  • Concrete and Block
  • Green Waste
  • Recyclable Materials
  • White Goods/Metal Recycling
  • Wood Waste

Please scroll down to learn more about these diversion programs.

Concrete & Block

In an effort to increase waste diversion in Flagstaff, Cinder Lake Landfill accepts exclusive loads of concrete waste. Loads containing exclusively reinforced concrete, non-reinforced concrete, and cinder block are to be placed in the Concrete Pile. Loads with excessive rebar (as depicted in the photo to the right) shall be placed in the designated reconstruction debris area. All loads are required to come across the scale prior to disposal. Loads must be devoid of any trash, organic matter (trees, limbs, lumber), or dirt. For additional questions, please contact Matt Morales, Project Manager, at 928-213-2123.

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Green Waste

The Cinder Lake Landfill grinds green waste into wood chips and uses them as an alternative daily cover. This conserves valuable air space by using waste in this manner. The types of green waste that are used include:

  • Christmas Trees
  • Logs
  • Stumps
  • Tree limbs

Note:: Pine needles and leaves are not green waste.

Wood Waste

Cinder Lake Landfill grinds wood waste into chips for use as alternative daily cover. Wood waste that is accepted for grinding consists of the following:

  • Engineered wood products (laminated wood, plywood, particle board, wafer board, and oriented strand board)
  • Lumber (treated and untreated)
  • Pallets

For the purposes of safe grinding of material, wood waste loads shall be free of chunks of debris such as metal, plastic, drywall, and concrete. The following wastes are not accepted as wood waste and shall be disposed of in the regular disposal area of the landfill:

  • Drywall
  • Railroad ties
  • Roofing materials in the form of asphalt shingles and tar paper, etc.
  • Utility poles
  • Wood treated with heavy oils or solvents

For questions about the disposal of wood waste, please contact Matt Morales, Project Manager at 928-213-2123.

White Goods / Metal Recycling

White goods and metals are accepted at the landfill. These materials are then bailed and hauled off by a recycler. This program diverts these materials from being buried in the landfill.

White goods examples are as follows:

  • Dryers
  • Refrigerators
  • Stoves
  • Washers
  • Water heaters

Coconino County Residential Recycling Drop-Off Center

County Residents can drop off accepted recyclable materials at the two bins at the landfill. One bin is for glass only, the other bin accepts:

  • Aluminum
  • Cardboard
  • Empty aerosol cans
  • Empty paint cans and buckets; dried paint must be removed
  • Paper
  • Plastic jugs, bottles, jars (empty and clean)
  • Tin

The materials are taken to the Material Resource Recovery Facility. The City of Flagstaff also offers Commercial Trash and Recycling Collection Services.