The City of Flagstaff maintains 3600 lights throughout the city - of the 100 or so reported monthly outages, we are prioritizing outages as best as possible from oldest reported to most recent. Technicians are working on repairs around the city daily to ensure outages are addressed as soon as possible. The Streets Section is tracking each call and email related to specific outages for records. The Streets Section works to provide streetlight checks on a quarterly basis and also provides maintenance and repairs to the downtown antique streetlights. Our Streetlighting Supervisor has been working to obtain additional materials to meet the needs of our current outages.

City engineering standards have been adopted to allow the use of a new dark skies compliant LED fixture. Public Works is excited to announce that we have recently secured vendors to supply the test fixtures. Our hope is to begin fixture replacement and get the outages repaired with the new fixtures as soon as possible. We have received the first round of materials over the last few months and have been working to get the fixtures installed all around the city.

  • To report a City streetlight outage, please contact Public Works Administration at 928-213-2175 or email us.
  • To report a private street or a dusk-to-dawn light, please contact APS at 800-253-9405.

Submitting a Report

Please give the following information when submitting a report:

  • The location or address of the light.
  • The pole number located on the streetlight pole if possible.
  • Your name and daytime phone number.