How do I obtain a Transaction Privilege (Sales) Tax License or a Business License?

To obtain the City of Flagstaff Transaction Privilege (Sales) Tax License:

  • Go to
  • Click on "New User Enrollment" or "Register for an AZTaxes Account."
  • Complete the required fields annotated with a red asterisk.
  • Read and check the acceptance box.
  • Click "Register."
    • You will receive two e-mails from within 24 hours. The first e-mail will contain your username, the second will provide a temporary password. If you do not find these e-mails in your IN box, please check your spam folder.
    • When you register your City of Flagstaff business location, ADOR will charge and collect the city’s $46.00 one-time application fee. There is an annual $20.00 renewal fee due January 1st each year.
    • To obtain the City of Flagstaff Business License:
      • Complete the City of Flagstaff license application.
      • Remit the completed application to the City of Flagstaff with our $8.00 annual license fee.
        Additional forms are available on the City Sales Tax webpage, by e-mail, regular mail, or at our offices.
    • For additional information about starting, operating, and growing a business, please visit:
      • Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce (
      • Coconino County Small Business Development Center (
      • Arizona Commerce Authority (
      • Arizona Corporation Commission (
      • Arizona Secretary of State (
      • Internal Revenue Service (

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