Why is it called a Regional Plan?

The Plan emphasizes a regional approach rather than just a local jurisdictional approach to regional problems and issues. The City and County chose to partner on the Regional Plan even though they were not required to do so by state mandate. The Plan addresses a wide variety of issues that do not end at the City’s boundaries, therefore, incorporating the larger geographic perspective makes the plan more meaningful and provides a tool for continuity in the way we grow as a region.

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1. What is the significance of the Regional Plan?
2. What is the difference between a goal and a policy?
3. Why is it called a Regional Plan?
4. Who developed the Regional Plan?
5. What kind of community feedback/involvement was involved in the development of the Plan?
6. How will the Regional Plan be used?
7. How does the Regional Plan support and protect property rights?
8. What is new in the Flagstaff Regional Plan 2030 compared to the former RLUTP?
9. When did the Plan take effect?
10. How do the City and County use the Plan?