What are the steps for receiving public housing? When will I receive a unit? What does the screening process include?

These steps vary in length of time based on the length of our waiting lists and the rate at which units turn over.

  1. Pre-Application: This is the online application and it establishes your date and time for the waiting list.
  2. Maintaining Your File: If there are changes to your file, update your file with Haven Connect at https://app.havenconnect.com/login. If your physical address or employment status changes, this may affect your residency preference, so you are encouraged to keep your file updated. Keep your mailing address updated as this is our primary means of contacting you. You may add or remove family members, which can affect the waiting lists for which you qualify.
  3. Full Application: When an applicant nears the top of the waiting list, they will receive the full application. This application includes a letter to help applicants secure public records requests for all residents aged 18 or older. It also includes a checklist of documents applicants will need to provide such as birth certificates, social security cards, photo IDs, pay stubs, and bank statements (as applicable). If the application and documentation are not provided in full, the applicant may be removed. See below concerning removals. Any additional changes to your file should be submitted 
  4. Review of Application and Documents: At this stage, we verify the documents provided, follow up with previous landlords, and calculate household income. Missing or incomplete documents are also requested at this time. As many of these steps include third parties such as landlords and employers, time for this step varies. An applicant may be denied due to various items discussed below.
  5. Eligibility Interview: Following the review, your file is passed to a housing services specialist who will schedule an interview with you. These interviews may be at 3481 N Fanning Dr or at 1 Brannen Circle, so read these letters carefully. If the applicant fails to attend the eligibility interview or does not submit requested paperwork within the time frame, then they will be removed from the waiting list.
  6. Pre-Lease Briefing and Maintaining Applicant File: After the eligibility interview, applicant files are passed to the housing manager. An pre-lease briefing is scheduled; all adults in the household must attend the pre-lease briefing, which will be held at 3481 N Fanning Dr. In addition, applicants must maintain an up-to-date file concerning pay stubs, bank statements, and other changes. Failure to attend the pre-lease briefing or maintain a file will result in removal from the waiting list.
  7. Unit Offer: Some time following the briefing, a unit offer will be made. The unit offer is made when it is clear that a particular unit is suitable for and will become available to an applicant. Typically, this unit is still occupied or in need of maintenance before move in, which can take weeks or months. When responding to a unit offer, a third of the deposit is required. An applicant must continue to respond to any requests for documentation or risk removal.
  8. Move In: When the unit is ready, the applicant is given a move in appointment with the housing services specialist and they may move in. Upon move in, another third of the deposit is required. The final third can be paid with first month’s rent or sooner.

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