What is the Waiting List screening process? When will I receive a voucher?

When your application is near the top of the list: 

  1. A record request (background check) will be sent to you. Return this by the deadline as described in the letter and email. 
  2. Some time after we receive your record request, you will be informed of a required eligibility interview and sent the "Initial Declaration," which is the full application packet. Complete this and gather the requested documents to bring to your applicant eligibility interview.
  3. Once you have been found eligible and a voucher is available you will be brought in for a Section 8 Briefing. You must attend a Section 8 Briefing where you will receive the voucher.

Vouchers are only available when one is no longer in use by a current voucher-holder. Therefore, we cannot predict the rate at which vouchers will be made available. Wait time for those with the residency preference (described below) is typically 18 months or longer.  

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