Why no “Swimming Only” or “Fitness Only” or “Weight Room Only” admission fee or passes?

The facility is designed to be a multi-use facility. Anyone entering the facility will have access to all of the facility amenities.

It will not be unusual for a customer to enter at the Reception Desk, drop off a child at the babysitting room, go to the locker room to change, go upstairs to the aerobics room for a class, come back downstairs after class and go to the babysitting room to check on the child, then go to the locker room to change and go to the aquatic area to use the Hot Tub and finally use the locker rooms to shower and change again.

Monitoring this type of use in a facility this size would require an enormous amount of staff and would quickly become extremely expensive to safely and effectively monitor and operate. Therefore, fees have been set to reflect the ability to use a number of features during any single visit.

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3. Why no “Swimming Only” or “Fitness Only” or “Weight Room Only” admission fee or passes?
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