What do I do if I have questions regarding the law?

The City Prosecutor's Office cannot provide legal advice to the public. Information is available at Northern Arizona University’s Cline Library. Limited information is available at the public library, or at the Coconino County Law Library, which is located at 200 N. San Francisco in Flagstaff. The telephone number for the County Law Library is (877) 806-3187. The Coconino County Law Library and Self Help Center may also be accessed online. General information and other helpful resources are also available at Arizona Law Help. Additional links can be found on our Resources and Links webpage.

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1. When is my court date?
2. Whom do I call to find out if my court date has been continued?
3. What if I cannot make my court date?
4. Where do I go to pay my fines?
5. I received a summons, now what do I do?
6. I have a warrant for my arrest, now what do I do?
7. Is my license suspended?
8. Am I entitled to restitution?
9. What is a restitution hearing?
10. If I have an attorney, may I speak with a prosecutor?
11. What if I want a public defender?
12. What if I want a jury trial?
13. Which prosecutor is assigned to my case?
14. I have a problem with my landlord/tenant, adoption, child custody, City Codes, etc. Whom do I call?
15. Are police officers the only ones who can sign a criminal complaint?
16. How do I sign a criminal complaint?
17. What is the difference between a felony and a misdemeanor?
18. What are the functions of the prosecutors?
19. What do I do if I have questions regarding the law?