Why am I receiving this fee notice?

Coconino County opted to pay for and construct a sewer main extension from the University Heights neighborhood to Fort Tuthill Park to serve their current and future wastewater needs.  The extension of this main provides a benefit to other properties within the area, and a reimbursement agreement allows the County to be reimbursed for some of these expense from properties that may connect in the future.

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1. Why am I receiving this fee notice?
2. What is a reimbursement/recapture agreement?
3. What was the total cost of construction of the sewer main?
4. How was my fee calculated?
5. Why do I need to pay a fee, and do I need to connect to the new sewer?
6. Do I need to connect to the new sewer main?
7. How do I pay my fee today?
8. Is this part of the hospital development?
9. If I don’t tie in will I need to pay in the future?
10. Does this impact my drinking water source?
11. When is the payment due?
12. How can the City or County require this fee?
13. Once connected to City sewer services, will I receive a monthly bill for this service?