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  1. Instructions
    You may submit this request online but you are required to retrieve your Personal Background Records Request in person. We require a signature and you must bring in a valid form of identification with a photo.
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  4. Flagstaff Police/Coconino Sheriff’s Department Personal Records Request
    The cost of a Background Check is $7.00. We accept cash, check, debit and credit. Should you have any questions please contact the Records Section at (928)214-2530.
  5. Personal Records Request
    By placing my signature below, I agree to hold the City of Flagstaff, its agents and employees harmless from any claim, cause of action, or other liability that may arise as a result of furnishing these documents to me or as a result of my use of these documents. I understand the results of the search are based solely on the name and date of birth I have provided and is not based on a search of my fingerprints. I understand that a failure to provide my correct name and date of birth may be punishable under law.
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