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City of Flagstaff Ride ALONG Program

  1. Ride Along Program
    Often citizens wish it were possible for them to be at the scene of police incidents and see exactly how the incident is handled so that they may better judge the quality of their police department. Others are considering a career in law enforcement and wish a preview of what such a career might be like. Some would simply like to see "the other side of the coin". In response to such feelings among the residents of Flagstaff, we at the Police Department have made it possible for you to "Ride-Along" in a police unit, with a police officer, during a portion of their tour of duty. We sincerely hope that by offering such a program we may improve the state of understanding that exists between our officers and you,. the public. Please feel free to ask any questions which you might wish of our officers, for it will only be through improved communications with each other that this goal can be reached.
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  3. Could I Get Hurt?
    Police work by its very nature is sometimes dangerous. Simply by being in a police car you are exposed to danger. We cannot provide bullet-proof vests for ride alongs.
  4. How Long Can I Ride At A Time?
    Normally five hours but not beyond 11:00 p.m. Longer rides may be arranged.
    We require that all persons riding along be suitably dressed in slacks, collared shirt or jacket and shoes. Sandals, tee-shirts, halter tops, shorts and unpresentable blue jeans are not permitted. We advise female participants not to wear dresses, skirts or high healed shoes. You should also consider the weather. The duty commander may refuse a ride to anyone not properly dressed.
  6. Can I Bring A Camera?
    No, you may not bring your own camera to record events you observe during your ride along. Officers with our department are equipped with body worn cameras and your image may be recorded on those cameras. All footage recorded on officer's body worn cameras is the property of the Flagstaff Police Department and is a public record. Your image can be captured during your ride along and may be released to the public.
  7. How Often Can I Ride?
    In order to allow as many people as possible the chance to participate in this program, we limit ride alongs to once every three months.
  8. Flagstaff Police Department
    Declaration of assumption of Risk and Release Liability
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  10. I am ____ years of age and am not a member of the Flagstaff Police Department. I have made a voluntary request to participate in the "Ride- Along" Program of the Flagstaff Police Department. I will accompany any member of the Flagstaff Police Department to whom I may be assigned during the performance of his/her official duties, which may include riding with said officer in a police vehicle, and being present at the scene of criminal investigations or other emergencies. I understand that the Flagstaff Police Department will allow me to participate in its "Ride-Along" Program only on the condition that I release the City of risk involved in said participation and that I, on behalf of myself and my spouse and heirs, release the City of Flagstaff, it officers, agents and employees from all liability and I agree to these conditions. I understand that images of me may be captured on officer body worn cameras and are public records that can be disclosed without redaction showing my image. I understand the duties of members of the Flagstaff Police Department are inherently dangerous and that I may be subjected to the risk of death or personal injury or of damage to my property during my participation in the "Ride-Along" Program. I further understand that said risk may arise from, but are not limited to, civil disturbances; explosions or shootings; the affects of wind, rain, fire and gas; assaults; and vehicular collision; and I freely and voluntarily assume all of said inherent risk whether or not they are listed herein. I also agree not to carry any firearm concealed or exposed during my participation on the "Ride-Along". · · In consideration of my being permitted to participate in the "Ride-Along" Program, I agree to be bound by all orders, rules and regulations concerning my participation; to promptly obey all instructions of any police officer to whom I am assigned; and lo release the City of Flagstaff, its officers, agents, and employees from any and all liability arising out of my said participation. I have read and understand the contents of this document and I fully assume such risks and sign this document of my own free will.
  11. Please Verify Identification of citizen on ride along.
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