Bike Share in Flagstaff

Borrow a bike for a quick errand, a trip to the bus stop, an all-day adventure, and everything in between. Pick up the bike share bike closest to you using your smartphone app, ride it to where you want to go, and leave the bike for the next person to ride.

How does it work?Spin button3

To use bike share, download the smartphone app. The app will note your location and provide a map with the available bikes closest to you. Scan the QR code on the bike to unlock it and start your trip. 

When your ride is finished, park the bike at any public bike rack or on the sidewalk. Follow Spin’s instructions to lock the bike and end your trip. 

Who operates bike share in Flagstaff?

SPIN, a private company, is operating the bike share system in Flagstaff. The City has entered into a six-month pilot program to test bike share, collect community feedback, and determine the best way forward with bike share in Flagstaff.

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Flagstaff needs your help to launch this new transportation option.

How to park:

  • Park the bike upright.
  • Be courteous to others—don’t park in somebody else’s way, and don’t hide the bike somewhere that the next user can’t get to it.
  • Leave at least six feet clear for pedestrians, wheelchairs, and strollers to pass.
  • You can park in the part of the sidewalk with trees, poles, and other fixtures - know as the "furniture zone" of sidewalks - as long as that space is more than three feet wide.

Places not to park:

  • Do not park on corners, driveways, or curb ramps.
  • Do not block access to buildings, benches, parking pay stations, bus stops, hydrants, etc.
  • Do not park in landscaped areas or landscape gardens.
  • There are two no parking zones Downtown, where you cannot park a shared bike unless it is on the bike rack. Do not park in Heritage Square and Visitor's Center / Amtrak Station.

Why bike share?

Bike share helps expands Flagstaff's transportation options, take meaningful climate action, and grow and strengthen a more equitable and resilient economy. View the presentation to City Council on the bike share pilot program.

Want to know more? 

See our FAQ document or contact us at or 928-213-2156.

For issues with bike parking, bike repairs, or other concerns related to shared bikes, contact SPIN: through their online help center, email or call 1-888-262-5189.

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