November 3, 2020 General/Special Election

Candidate Election

Mayoral Candidates

  • Paul Deasy
  • Charlie Odegaard

City Council Member Candidates

  • Becky Daggett
  • Anthony Garcia
  • Jim McCarthy
  • Eric Nolan
  • Eric Senseman
  • Miranda Sweet

Council Candidate Introduction to City Operations - Video

Economic Development and Housing Candidate Discussion - Video

Special Election

The City Council has advanced one question to the November 3, 2020 ballot regarding continuation of the 1% City transaction privilege (sales) tax, excluding the tax on food, through June 30, 2035.

Prop. 436 Education Town Hall Materials

Prop. 436 Education Town Hall Video

Proposition 436

Official title: a measure referred to the people by the Flagstaff city council seeking authorization to continue a city transaction privilege tax (sales tax), excluding the tax on food, at the present rate of one percent (1%) through June 30, 2035.

Descriptive Title

Consideration of an extension of a Transaction Privilege (Sales) Tax at the existing rate of 1% ($0.01) commencing November 5, 2024 through June 30, 2035, in order to fund local government operations.

A "yes" vote shall have the effect of continuing a Transaction Privilege Tax (Sales Tax), excluding the tax on food, through June 30, 2035 at the existing 1% rate.

A "no" vote shall have the effect of not approving the continuation of a Transaction Privilege Tax (Sales Tax), excluding the tax on food, at the existing 1% rate and allowing this existing Transaction Privilege Tax (Sales Tax) to expire on November 4, 2024.

Early Voting / Vote by Mail Options

We want our voters to stay safe and healthy during this election season! If you have concerns about voting in person this year, please consider applying to receive your ballot by mail.

Permanent Early Voting List (PEVL)

If you are a Permanent Early Voter you will automatically receive a ballot by mail approximately three weeks before the election. You may sign up for the PEVL by visiting the Coconino County Elections website at or by calling 928-679-7860.

Request an Early Ballot

Voters who are not on the Permanent Early Voter List may request a single-election early ballot to be mailed to them up until Friday, October 23, 2020. To request a single-election early ballot, please visit the Coconino County Elections website at or call 928-679-7860.

Vote Early in Person

Early voting for precincts in the Flagstaff area is available beginning Wednesday, October 7, 2020 at the following locations:

Coconino County Election Office
Drive thru service window
2304 N. 3rd St., Flagstaff

Coconino County Elections Office
Eastside Office - Flagstaff Mall
4650 N. US Highway 89, Flagstaff

Publicity Pamphlets for November 3, 2020 Election

A publicity pamphlet will be mailed to every Flagstaff household with a registered voter. This information pamphlet provides you with information regarding the City of Flagstaff's General Election of November 3, 2020, in which voters will select a Mayor and three Councilmembers, as well as a Special Election to consider a proposition proposed by the Flagstaff City Council. To request a Spanish pamphlet please contact the City Clerk's Office.

English Pamphlet (PDF)                                  Spanish Pamphlet (PDF)