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1. How do I make an online payment to the Flagstaff Municipal Court?
2. How/Where do I make my court payments?
3. 3. What do I do if my fines have been turned over to the Fines and Restitution Enforcement (FARE) Program (collections agency)?
4. Jury Duty Questions:
5. Where should I park?
6. When can I speak with the Judge?
7. How do I get an Order/Injunction against someone?
8. How long will the Order of Protection/ Injunction Against Harassment remain in effect?
9. I have an Order/Injunction issued against me, how do I contest it?
10. How do I drop an Order/Injunction that I asked to be issued?
11. Do I have to appear on my court date for my civil traffic violation if I am going to just pay the fine?
12. Do I have to appear for my court date for my civil traffic violation if I am going to defensive driving school?
13. Where do I find information on Defensive Driving School?
14. Can I have an extension for driving school or to provide proof of insurance or registration?
15. What is Traffic Survival School (TSS)?
16. Why is the amount that I owe more than what is listed on the fine schedule?
17. Can I contest the default judgment against me?
18. If I have a ticket that requires proof of something in order for the fine to be reduced or dismissed and it is past my court date, what do I do?
19. I did not pay my civil traffic citation when I was supposed to. Is there a warrant for my arrest?
20. Can I make payments on a past due ticket that has caused my license to be suspended?
21. Can I pay my ticket at Motor Vehicles?
22. I am a juvenile (any person under 18 years of age) or I am the parent of a juvenile with a traffic ticket. What do I do?
23. Do I have to appear at my arraignment or any other scheduled hearing?
24. How do I continue my court date?
25. What if I have a warrant for my arrest?
26. How do I find out if there is a warrant for my arrest?
27. I was cited for a criminal offense, how much is the fine?
28. How do I drop charges against someone?
29. How do I find out when I am supposed to appear in court?
30. What is CAPP Program?
31. Court Conduct