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1. How do I find out what benefits I have elected? Who I have covered on my benefits? How much my contributions are?
2. How do I utilize the Employee Assistance Program for free counseling services?
3. How do I change / cancel my 457 Plan (Deferred Comp, VOYA, or ICMA-RC) contributions?
4. I have a Health Savings Account. Can I change my contributions?
5. I have a Flexible Spending Account. Can I change my contributions?
6. I have submitted my Notice of Resignation. Can I still take time off?
7. On my last paycheck, will I be paid for accrued sick leave, vacation time, etc.?
8. I am looking at retiring soon. What do I need to do?
9. I would like to utilize a temporary agency to hire a temporary employee. Do I need to go through HR?
10. Can I get a copy of something in my 201 File?
11. How do I get a copy of my check stub?
12. Can I carry over excess vacation time if I am over the maximum?
13. Can I accrue over 40 hours of compensation time?