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1. I applied for Low-Income Public Housing with the City of Flagstaff Housing Authority, now what?
2. How will I know if I am on the Waiting List or not?
3. What is my status or number on the Waiting List?
4. I am already on the Low Income Public Housing Waiting List; how do I apply for Section 8?
5. What are the steps for receiving public housing?
6. Do you have any emergency housing options available?
7. When will I receive an offer of a unit?
8. Can you expedite my application due to my circumstances?
9. What is the Waiting List screening process?
10. What do you mean, “Preference”?
11. I applied and have not received a letter or a phone call.
12. After I apply, why does it take so long to receive assistance?
13. Why should I update my application?
14. How do I change my address or phone number, add another household member, or update my income?
15. If I have a felony will that automatically make me ineligible? What about rental history or other criminal activity?
16. How will I know what size of home I can apply for?
17. My family includes citizens and/or permanent resident non-citizens. My family also includes non-citizens who are not Permanent Residents. Are we still eligible for Section 8/Low-Income Public Housing?
18. I have been removed. What can I do?
19. I have been denied. What can I do?
20. How will I know how much rent I will be responsible for?
21. Where are the homes I can rent?
22. I have been discriminated against in my search for housing. What can I do?